Salesforce and WordPress Integration using 2 free plugins

System Integration

In this post, you will learn how to integrate WordPress Websites and the Salesforce CRM using free WordPress plugins and following the plugins’ documentation.

WordPress and Salesforce

As of today, the CMS WordPress is being used in 43% of the Websites worldwide, and Salesforce is one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

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Why integrate WordPress and Salesforce

You can use your WordPress website to collect information from your customers like, donations, account registrations, subscriptions to newsletter, and that information can be sent to Salesforce automatically.

Your WordPress website can also pull and display data stored in Salesforce. Lists of members, chapters, events. Assign WordPress roles to the users based on badges they have on Salesforce, and accordingly set permissions to the content in the website.

You will have better data quality, consistency and your staff will spend less time on data administration.

The required ingredients to do the integration

The two main plugins needed are:

  1. Object Sync for Salesforce: 

  2. Action Scheduler:

    • This plugin will help us to make sure that the scheduled tasks created by the object sync for salesforce plugin are running, and also you will be able to see all these scheduled tasks from
    • Download it from here:

As of today, the following patch needs to be applied to the Object Sync for Salesforce plugin to make its configuration page to work:

I also recommend to do the integration in a local site. You can follow the instruction to setup a local site using ddev in this link.

Working directly in a Production Salesforce instance is never a good idea, so you should have a sandbox instance setup, so you can use it to test the integration. You can read the documentation in the following link to understand the different types of sandboxes and their corresponding licenses.

What one needs to know to do the integration

  1. Install the Object Sync for Salesforce and Action Scheduler plugins.
  2. Follow the steps from this link to create a new App in salesforce and connect the plugin Object Sync for Salesforce to Salesforce.
  3. You will need to create the mapping from a post type in WordPress to an Object in Salesforce following the instructions from this link
  4. If you need to re-sync all the mapped objects, you can go to, find the variables that start with object_sync_for_salesforce_pull_last_sync and update its value with a timestamp in the past. You can use this site to get a timestamp from a human readable date.