How to setup a WordPress and Drupal local site with ddev

This is my code
  1. You will need homebrew installed:
  2. Install ddev (Mac): brew install drud/ddev/ddev
    1. How to install on other Operating Systems:
  3. ddev config
  4. ddev start
  5. ddev import-db –src=dumpfile.sql.gz
    1. ddev import-db –src=~/Downloads/mathcounts_live-latest.sql.gz
    2. ddev import-db –src=~/Downloads/betamathcounts_live-last.sql.gz
  6. ddev ssh
    1. drush commands
    2. composer commands
  7. ddev logs -f
  8. ddev composer require drush/drush
  9. drush status -d
  10. mkcert -install
  11. ddev describe => Will provide details about the project
  12. drush pmu simplesamlphp_auth -l
Enable xdebug
  1. ddev xdebug
  2. ddev xdebug off
  1. Create new databases
  2. Assing permissions to the db user to the new databases