How to switch between PHP versions on Mac OS X using homebrew

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I use docker for all the projects, but the other day I needed to run a composer command in my host machine to install a Drupal distribution which is not compatible with PHP 8.0, so I needed to switch the PHP version. And the steps to do so are: Install homebrew: Install the Brew […]

How to add/remove/update the tabs in the WooCommerce My Account page

The WooCommerce plugin has the shortcode [woocommerce_my_account] available which one can embed in any page to display to the logged in customers all the information related to their past orders, addresses, payment details and more, based on the plugins that you may have installed in the site. The shortcode outputs the data organized by tabs […]

How to co-install composer 1 and composer 2

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If you followed the steps at How to set-up a Drupal or WordPress site locally using Docker to set-up a local Drupal 8 site using docker, you will find that the PHP container has composer2 and that Drupal 8 is not compatible with it. The easiest way to get composer 1 up and running when […]

How to set-up a Drupal or WordPress site locally using Docker

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This article is not aiming to provide explanations about the tools that I use to set-up Drupal/WordPress sites, I think there is a lot of information available on the internet about them Docker, Traefik, Compose. The only goal of this post is to document the process that I follow since it is really easy, and […]