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Cloudflare’s Turnstile: Combating Spam and Bots on WordPress & Drupal Platforms

Cloudflare’s Turnstile, developed by Cloudflare, serves as an innovative CAPTCHA alternative that can be incorporated into any website. It aims to be less intrusive and functions without redirecting traffic through Cloudflare or displaying a CAPTCHA to visitors. Overview Unlike traditional CAPTCHAs, Turnstile uses various non-interactive JavaScript challenges to gather information on the visitor/browser environment, adapting […]

How to Efficiently Render HTML Markup in WordPress: A Practical Guide for Developers

wordpress templates

Discover the power of template parts in WordPress and learn how to render HTML markup efficiently with our step-by-step tutorial. This comprehensive guide explores the benefits of using template parts, including modular code structure, reusability, and improved readability. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with WordPress, this tutorial will provide you with practical insights and examples to enhance your development workflow and create more maintainable and customizable themes and plugins.

How to redirect from www to non-www URL using Cloudflare for free

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After doing a quick SEO audit to this website, I found that https://davidloor.com/ and https://www.davidloor.com/ were both up. Since search engines see them as two different websites, it may arises issues because of duplicated content. So, I needed to pick one of the domains and redirect the other to the one selected. On the internet […]