David Loor

How to switch from Docker Desktop to Colima for local development

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What is Colima? Per the official documentation: Per ChatGPT: “It is a platform for managing and deploying Docker containers, which provides features such as orchestration, scaling, and automation.” Why switch to Colima? I found this blog post from the DDEV maintainer, Randy Fay, where we can see that the performance gains of Colima over the […]

How to set-up a Drupal or WordPress site locally using Docker

blue and red cargo ship on sea during daytime

This article is not aiming to provide explanations about the tools that I use to set-up Drupal/WordPress sites, I think there is a lot of information available on the internet about them Docker, Traefik, Compose. The only goal of this post is to document the process that I follow since it is really easy, and […]