How to Fix Duplicate Content with “Load More” and Pagination in Elementor’s Loop Grid Widget

Elementor pagination

Fix Duplicate Content Elementor: Are you facing issues with the ‘load more’ button or pagination displaying the same items repeatedly in your Loop Grid Widget? When working with WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder, these problems can be common. This guide explores how to quickly address these issues.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a popular tool that helps you build websites on WordPress easily. You don’t need to know much about computers or coding to use it. It’s like picking up and placing building blocks to make your website look good and work well. Elementor comes with lots of pre-made designs and buttons that you can use to make your site quickly. You can see the changes you make right away, which makes it easier to get your site looking just how you want it.

The Challenge

When you’re using more than one Loop Grid Widget on the same page, you might run into some problems. Although these widgets are great for showing your content nicely, if they’re not set up correctly, especially in how they manage to show more content (this is known as pagination), they can cause the same content to keep showing up again and again. This happens because the widgets are not communicating well with each other and end up repeating the content instead of showing new items.

Identifying the Problem

The Loop Grid Widget is a versatile tool in Elementor for showcasing posts, pages, or custom content types. However, without uniform pagination settings, these widgets might not communicate effectively with each other, causing repeated content issues when users try to navigate more items or use the “load more” feature.

The Solution

It’s crucial to keep the pagination type consistent across all Loop Grid Widgets on the same page. This means that whatever method you choose for users to navigate more content — be it standard page-by-page navigation or a “load more” functionality — it should be the same for every widget. By ensuring all loop grid widgets operate with the same pagination type, you effectively eliminate issues of content duplication and ensure a smoother, more predictable experience for users navigating through content. This uniformity is key in preventing the widgets from causing overlap or repetition in displayed content.


While technical glitches might occasionally occur when using advanced features like Elementor’s Loop Grid Widget, many can be resolved with careful configuration and attention to detail. By ensuring uniform pagination and content loading settings across your widgets, you significantly enhance user experience and maintain a professional and efficient website. As Elementor continues to evolve, we hope that future versions will address and resolve these kinds of issues more seamlessly. Until then, happy debugging!