How to Streamline Your WordPress Website Navigation Using Permalink Manager and Rabbit Hole Plugins

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Creating a user-friendly website navigation experience is essential to running a successful online business or blog. In the WordPress ecosystem, multiple plugins can help achieve this goal. In this article, we will discuss two popular plugins: Permalink Manager and Rabbit Hole. Both of these plugins offer unique features to optimize your website’s navigation structure and provide numerous use cases for various industries and website owners.

1.- Permalink Manager

Permalink Manager is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to help users easily manage their website’s permalink structure. This plugin provides a solid foundation for improving your website’s SEO and user-friendliness by offering enhanced control over permalinks.

Features of the Permalink Manager plugin

  1. Custom Permalinks: With Permalink Manager, you can create and customize the URL slugs for your posts, pages, categories, and tags. This allows you to create more descriptive and memorable links that are beneficial for both users and search engines.
  2. Bulk Editing: If you have many posts or pages, bulk editing is an excellent way to streamline the process of cleaning up your permalinks. You can apply new permalink structures to multiple items at once, saving time and effort.
  3. Redirect Management: When you change a permalink, there is potential for broken links. Permalink Manager automatically creates redirects for old URLs to ensure site visitors and search engines avoid encountering 404 errors.
  4. Compatibility: Permalink Manager is compatible with different custom post types, taxonomies, and popular plugins, including WooCommerce and Polylang, which facilitates better integration within your site.

Use Cases of the Permalink Manager plugin

  • Online Stores: Online stores using WooCommerce can use Permalink Manager to create more SEO-friendly and descriptive URLs for product pages and categories. This can increase the store’s search engine discoverability and improve the user experience by making URLs meaningful.
  • Multilingual Websites: For websites that serve content in multiple languages, Permalink Manager’s compatibility with plugins like Polylang and WPML can help manage URLs of translated content. This makes it easier for users to understand the structure and language of a page simply by looking at its URL.
  • News and Blog Sites: Websites with a large volume of content, like news and blog sites, can use Permalink Manager for better organization and customization of URLs. By customizing the permalink structure, the site can improve readers’ comprehension of the site’s hierarchy and encourage more organic search traffic.
  • Business Websites: Businesses that offer services across multiple sectors can use Permalink Manager to create custom URLs for their service pages, making it easier for users to identify the nature of each page and boosting the site’s search engine ranking.

2.- Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is another powerful WordPress plugin, designed to let you handle the visibility of posts, pages, and custom content types. This plugin offers you control over how specific content types behave when visitors try to access them, allowing fine-tuning of user access to your content.

Rabbit Hole is a port of a popular Drupal module, used extensively in Drupal-based projects to manage entity display.

Features of the Rabit Hole Plugin

  1. Global Visibility Settings: Rabbit Hole allows you to control the default behavior of your entire website within a few simple clicks. These settings can be applied to posts, pages, and custom content types.
  2. Content-Specific Settings: If you need more granular control, you can manage the visibility settings of individual pieces of content. Customize each post’s or page’s redirect options, enhancing your website’s uniqueness.
  3. Redirect Options: When a hidden piece of content is accessed, Rabbit Hole offers several redirect options, including redirecting to the home page, a custom URL, or displaying a 404 Not Found error page.

Use Cases of the Rabit Hole Plugin

  1. Membership Websites: Websites offering exclusive content or resources to members can use Rabbit Hole to hide specific content for visitors. This ensures that only certain parts of the website are displayed, depending on the content-specific settings configured by the site owner.
  2. Educational Platforms: Online courses and educational platforms can use Rabbit Hole to hide specific lessons or modules that should never be viewed on their individual pages. This helps maintain the course structure and keeps the focus on the main learning experience rather than individual pieces of content.
  3. Portfolio Websites: Creative professionals showcasing their work through portfolio websites can use Rabbit Hole to prevent certain projects or pages from being accessed directly, maintaining the overall design and cohesion of the portfolio site.
  4. Intranets: Companies and organizations using WordPress-powered intranets can use Rabbit Hole to control access to specific internal pages or documents. This helps maintain privacy and security by ensuring that only intended information is viewable by website visitors.


Both the Permalink Manager and Rabbit Hole plugins offer unique features to improve your website’s navigation and user experience. By employing custom permalink structures, and controlling the display of the pages and posts, you enhance your website’s usability and make it easier for visitors and search engines to navigate. Integrating these two plugins is an excellent way to maximize your website’s navigation capabilities and user-friendliness.